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Multicultural Affairs (MCA)


Multicultural Affairs provides transformative leadership in creating a learning and work environment that is equitable and inclusive. In light of the college’s Cultural Diversity Policy, Multicultural Affairs is committed to increasing consciousness on diversity and social justice, empowering students as social change agents, and the dismantling of institutional oppression.

Highline College's Cultural Diversity Policy

Highline College actively promotes and supports a learning and work environment which ensures social justice, mutual respect, understanding, civility, and non-violence. Highline College is committed to the elimination of discrimination based on biological sex, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, race, ethnic background, national origin, class, economic status, age, military and veteran status, disability, language, culture, and religious beliefs.

Approved by the Highline Board of Trustees, 2016

Winter Leadership Retreat Applications are open! Applications will be taken in person at the Center for Leadership & Service front desk (HSU-Bldg. 8, 3rd floor), or you may email your application to Thomas Bui at Deadline: January 11, 2019

Students of Color Conference Applications are open! Applications will be taken in person at the Multicultural Affairs front desk (HSU-Bldg. 8, 3rd floor) or you may email your application to Deadline: January 25, 2019


Office Hours

Building 8, 3rd Floor
(in CLS office)

Regular Hours:
  8am to 4pm
  8am to 5pm
  9am to 5pm



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